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Why does your website talk about the POWER OF MICRO-ALGAE?

Because in addition to precious proteins, spirulina and chlorella also provide us with a natural concentrate of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and other substances of vital importance for our body. According to scientific studies, supplementing our daily diet with spirulina and chlorella can revitalise our entire body, boost brain function as well as have multiple therapeutic effects (see “Le alghe della salute” by Ulrich Arndt published by L’età dell’Acquario)

I have noticed great differences in price in Spirulina products, why is this?

The first thing to check is the origin of the Spirulina. Very often, spirulina-based products do not state the origin or cultivation method. The Spirulina contained in Algàdemy food supplements is entirely from Italian cultivation with a certified and controlled supply chain. This cannot always be guaranteed for low-cost products

The second piece of advice we offer is to always check the content of the package and the nutritional table for the amount of ingredients contained in each tablet.

Can Spirulina help achieve greater weight control?

Spirulina naturally contains great amounts of noble proteins, vitamins, fibres while being one of the natural foods with the lowest calorie content. One teaspoon of spirulina contains around 20 calories and regular consumption satisfies a great number of the body’s nutritional needs.

For a low-calorie diet, Spirulina is the best help your body can get to stay in perfect shape.

Always remember that a healthy and balanced life style is your best ally for weight loss and maintaining your ideal weight.

Can Spirulina help me with my sports practice?

It absolutely can. Spirulina increases the stamina of athletes and helps increase muscle mass, offering a supporting and restorative action. We suggest taking it one hour before you start practice, and when you are done. We also recommend taking it during the sports activity, if you practise a sport for several hours.

Your packages provide a recommended daily intake, can I change it?

Algàdemy’s formulas have been created by a team of consultants who studied the correct dosages. We advise you not to exceed them, but at the same time, and even more importantly, we urge you not to take less than the recommended amount. The benefits that you can achieve from taking our spirulina would drop significantly and you will not benefit from the properties that spirulina can guarantee.

Increasing the dose of Spirulìna Prime does not have any contraindications but it is still advisable to seek the advice of your doctor.

Does Spirulina strengthen the immune system?

Yes, it has been shown that Spirulina increases resistance against a surprising number of different infections, by stably activating endogenous defences. Tests have been conducted on animals and cell cultures and studies have been carried out on children exposed to radiation in Chernobyl (see “Le alghe della salute” by Ulrich Arndt published by L’età dell’Acquario).

Some studies conducted mainly in Japan and the United States have discovered that spirulina stimulates the organs of the immune system, such as bone marrow, thyroid, spleen and lymph nodes. It also promotes the production of anti-bodies linked to gut flora.

Algàdemy has also included in the Spirùlina Prime formula an additional amount of vitamin C, precisely to boost the defence power of the product you are taking.

Is Spirulina helpful for hair care?

Thanks to zinc and vitamin A, Spirulina regulates the secretion of sebum, acting as an anti-oxidant, releasing toxins from the scalp and limiting the generation of dandruff. It is also able to rebuild the hair structure thanks to the presence of essential amino acids that act on keratin, synthesising it. For an even more effective hair treatment, we recommend combining Clòrella Prime with our Spirùlina Prime.

My nails are weak and look ugly, can spirulina help?

Thanks to the zinc and vitamin A, nails can greatly benefit from the use of spirulina, but as with hair, we recommend combining Clòrella Prime with our Spirùlina Prime.

How long will it take to notice the benefits of spirulina?

If you are using Spirùlina Prime as a food or sports supplement, you could notice benefits from the very first dose. To achieve results on scalp, hair and nails you will need a bit of constancy and patience, but even after just ten days you will notice very satisfactory results.

On the other hand it has been scientifically proven that after 4-6 weeks of regular spirulina and chlorella intake one can already clearly notice the first revitalising effects on the body. (see “Le alghe della salute” by Ulrich Arndt published by L’età dell’Acquario)

Clearly I would like to emphasise that our body’s reactions are absolutely personal.

Can I take spirulina during pregnancy and nursing?

Spirulina is generally recommended during pregnancy, but we always recommend seeking the advice of your doctor, for dosage and possible contraindications. During nursing, because of the characteristics of Spirulina, it is highly recommended, but again we recommend seeking the advice of your doctor.

Is Spirulina an alga?

Conventionally Spirulina is defined as an alga, but it is actually “cyanobacteria” as, unlike chlorella, which is an actual fresh water alga, it does not have a nucleus or cell organs (the “organelles”). It does have the appearance of an alga and this is why it is called spirulina alga.

I often see spirulina being referred to as the “food of the gods” and many are calling it the “food of the future”. Why?

At the UN’s World Food Conference in 1974, considering its digestibility and its ability to contain nutritional elements that are not often found in nature, spirulina was defined as the “food of the future”. The Aztecs and Mayans knew its great value and therapeutic effect, and these two great civilisations indeed considered it to be the “food of the gods” as it was able to provide energy quickly and increase stamina. I would also like to remind you that it is included in the diets of astronauts during their space missions.

Is there a relation between chlorella and chlorophyll?

Chlorella is the undisputed queen of chlorophyll. No other plant in nature contains more. Chlorophyll has an incredibly positive effect on health (see “Le alghe della salute” by Ulrich Arndt published by L’età dell’Acquario)

Why is spirulina so popular, while consumers are less familiar with Chlorella?

Chlorella was cultivated and marketed for decades in Japan, but after the Fukushima nuclear accident, cultivation and therefore distribution, ceased. The chlorella cultivated in Europe and in other parts of the world has now been back on the market for the past few years.

Chlorella has always been referred to as a strong chelator. What does this mean?

Much more simply, I will tell you that chlorella has a strong purifying action. Specifically, chlorella (also) contains sporopollenin in its cell walls, which is a substance that offers a considerable detoxifying action. By absorbing heavy metals and polluting substances such as insecticides, pesticides and solvents, it stops poisons generated by the cells from being reabsorbed in the end section of the gut. This makes this alga a must for any weight loss or detoxifying treatment.

How long do I have to take Clorèlla Prime to achieve a satisfactory purifying function?

We recommend taking this supplement for at least a couple of months. To make this easier for you, our packages of Clorèlla Prime contain, if taken regularly and at the recommended amounts, enough capsules for one month of supplementation.

I see that Clorèlla Prime contains medicinal herbs. Why?

Chlorella on its own is not able to perform its “scavenger effect” completely, our development team wanted to create an even more purifying product. Dandelion, milk thistle and burdock have in fact been added to provide you with a complete purifier. We also added a significant amount of vitamin C to help boost your immune system. Clorèlla Prime is therefore a very complete supplement.

I read that Chlorella can contain mercury. How can it purify your system if it actually contains a harmful metal?

Indeed chlorella, because of its “absorbent” power, may contain mercury (in small amounts) if collected in nature or cultivated without complying with very strict protocols. Ours is cultivated in constantly controlled photobioreactors that stop mercury from attaching to the chlorella.

A friend recommended Chlorella to calm the effects of menopause. Is that right?

Chlorella is not a supplement specifically for countering the onset of menopause, but it helps with the symptoms of this significant transition in a woman’s life. Taking Clorèlla Prime on a regular basis at the onset of the first symptoms helps fight hot flashes, fatigue, irritability, sweating, migraines and depression.

Is it true that Chlorella is a valid aid in conditions affecting the airways?

The presence of magnesium can make chlorella helpful in treating disorders of the respiratory tract such as bronchitis, sore throat, rhinitis and asthma. Always remember that for serious disorders you must always seek the advice of your doctor.

I have suffered from constipation for a while, can Chlorella help?

The way Clorèlla Prime can help is through the amount of fibre it contains and its ability to purify the gut. I can confirm that chlorella can be an excellent aid in improving bowel movements as it stimulates gut flora and gradually removes candida fungi from the gut.

I am a smoker! Tell me that chlorella can help me!!!

Yes, I can confirm that chlorella, with its extraordinary purifying action, can help purify your body of many substances contained in cigarettes, but do not take it thinking that this will prevent any harm from smoking. Would you like my advice? Take Clorèlla Prime, but stop smoking.

I would like to buy Clorèlla Prime, but I wonder if it has any contraindications?

We do not recommend chlorella for pregnant or nursing women. It is also not recommended for people who are on blood thinners. Chlorella can have contraindications for people who are allergic to iodine and for those with thyroid issues. If you have any doubts, speak to your doctor, who will be able to offer the best advice.

I suffer from halitosis, do you believe Chlorella can help me?

Certainly, I can confirm this. The large amount of chlorophyll contained in chlorella can help you solve this bothersome problem. We generally recommend taking Clorella Prime capsules in the morning, but for your problem it is best taken after meals.

I have been told that Chlorella is very helpful against hair loss. Is it true?

Chlorella is particularly rich in zinc and for this reason it can promote the well-being of hair, strengthening it and preventing hair loss. What is more, chlorella is also rich in anti-oxidant substances, it prevents ageing of tissues and skin. Thanks to the Chlorella Growth Factor content (which represents 3% of the substances contained in the entire cell, which scientists have opted for calling CGF as they have not yet been able to identify what substance provides chlorella’s effects), chlorella stimulates cell regeneration. We recommend taking Spirùlina Prime combined with Clorèlla Prime to achieve the best result.

What is the correct use of Thèrmo?

We suggest using Thérmo for the period of time you need to achieve the result that you have set for yourself. Once you have achieved this, we suggest you stop taking Thérmo and start taking it again when you feel you need it again.

I am allergic to fish and sea food, can I use Spirulina-based products?

If you have proven or suspected allergy to these foods, we do not recommend using Spirulina or algae-based supplements in general.

I suffer from hyperthyroidism, can I take Spirulina?

In this case we advise against the use of Spirulina and algae in general.

Can I take Slìm in case of taking drugs for chronic diseases? 

It is advisable to consult a doctor in case of simultaneous intake of drugs for chronic diseases as Glucomannan, being a fiber, can reduce the absorption of some drugs, retaining them. We also remind you that Glucomannan-based supplements should not be used in case of peptic ulcer or aiatal hernia.