Sustainable source of proteins, energy and wellbeing.

From the very beginning Algàdemy set itself the goal of creating products whose quality was based on the raw materials themselves.

Thanks to its strategic partners Agricola Villa Canali and MAT2.0, Algàdemy has total control over its supply chain, characterised by cultivation in photobioreactors that guarantee high product quality and standardisation.


The production system in photobioreactors.

Photobioreactors are Plexiglas cylinders irradiated by a special light generated by a specific lighting system that creates the microclimate necessary for microalgae to grow and they favour light spectrums for better growth of the main active ingredients found in our micro-algae.

This system is designed for the cultivation and attainment of an excellent nutritional profile of the product through the implementation of electronic technologies for controlling lighting, temperature and growth parameters.

The production system makes it possible to produce in controlled and uncontaminated environments, maintaining constant growth levels: with this type of system microalgae do not need to follow the natural cycles of the seasons.

All of this results in an extremely pure product, ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetics industry.