ALGÀDEMY was founded in Reggio Emilia on the initiative of Agricola Villa Canali and MAT 2.0, two businesses that joined their expertise and resources to maximise the results of the most innovative research on the nutritional powers of microalgae. The micro-bacterial safety of its products is guaranteed through a supply chain that is traceable at every stage, and by applying the most advanced technologies.

  • Certified and made in Italy raw materials 
  • Monitoring of the culture environment.
  • Traceability of the entire supply chain.
  • Innovative production methods. 

Different services for different needs

The company provides its customers with a complete service of consultancy, processing and sale of micro-algae and their derivatives. 

  • Production and sale of natural microalgae-based food supplements.
  • Sale of raw materials selected at third party producers. 
  • Consultancy and development of products for third parties. 


For complete services of consultancy, product development for third parties, processing or sale of micro-algae and their derivatives, contact

Private customers

For information, requests or complaints on our products, contact