Algàdemy is a guarantee of the highest quality, total control of the supply chain and 100% natural products: the supplements are designed and tested to increase performance and facilitate physical recovery for athletes of all backgrounds and for those who want to improve their well-being.

Algàdemy believes in teamwork, appreciates and seeks the support of professionals who want to collaborate to promote our products.

Algàdemy's PARTNER program is aimed at:

  • Personal Trainer;
  • Sports Instructors;
  • Owners and Teachers of specific disciplines, such as Yoga, Pilates, Gyrkoniesis, Gyrotonic, Mindfulness, etc…;
  • Lifestyle, sports, personal development, nutrition and wellness bloggers and related topics to our products;
  • Nutritionists and professionals from sectors related to our products;

To become a Partner of Algàdemy or to ask for more information, write to Algàdemy is at your disposal to evaluate together the possibilities of collaboration!